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❝ hi sweetie! i wanna ask you. do you know which video where andrew said 'fuck you' to emma? i think emma was wearing an orange dress. thank you :) x ❞

yes [x] 16:26 mark xo

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❝ Hi! I love your blog! Stonefield is everything! I'm kind of bummed that that tour is almost over, but we got some really cute pictures that we'll have to use for a couple of months, because I'm sure they will go into hiding for a little after this. haha :) ❞

i think it will be a natural hiding? because andrew will start to filming his new movie :) hopefully emma will visit him and we will get some pics? ahaah i would love that! but i wish they take some time to just enjoy each other without everyone taking pictures of them :)

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❝ THE AMOUNT OF STONEFIELD IN THE TWO UNSCRIPTED VIDEOS I CANNOT hahahaha what the hell is going on they're just laughing and making jokes and jamie's just like ??? but it's so adorable i dont understand ❞

omg yes ahaha so precious <333 when jamie says “would what” and they just laugh like dorks sfuaifsnfoafpsa I CANT THAT UNSCRIPTED INTERVIEW AS SO AWESOME AHAHAHA WHEN SHE TALKS ABOUT HIS DAD ACCENT OMGGGGGGG I’M JUST DEAD

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❝ do you know the clip where Emma says a ladybug in the unscripted video? ❞

guys please i don’t mind posting links but PLEASE check if the links weren’t already posted because i don’t want to spam the blog answering 30 asks asking the same thing okay <333 the link was posted like two minutes ago but here you go [x]

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❝ do you have the link to the new unscripted interview? ❞

sure here and to everyone else asking: the question about the accent is from the same interview [x]

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New outtake of Emma Stone for “Cosmopolitan Argentina”

mr pond